CooperationThe halbersbacher takeover options for your hotel.

A lack of succession planning endangers hundreds of hotels in Germany and leaves many hotel owners in great uncertainty.

The halbersbacher hospitality group represents a path that still enables hotel owners to withdraw from operational business in a timely manner. We offer a long-term lease agreement with our “parent” company (i.e. not a specially founded lease company), which in turn makes your hotel interesting for investors who would like to invest in the “hotel” asset but cannot/do not want to operate it themselves.

Under which conditions does the halbersbacher hospitality group take over hotels?

  • At least 75 rooms
  • No renovation backlog or at least
  • Willingness to invest

So if you are thinking of selling your hotel but cannot find a buyer, the halbersbacher way may be a good option for you. 

I would be happy to take the time for a confidential conversation and advise you on this topic without obligation.
You can reach me on: Tel. 0172 5851 564 or by email:

Mona Eynck
Development Manager

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