Mission statementOur travel plan for a safe future worth living in.

Under the umbrella of the halbersbacher hospitality group, founded in 2012, we unite hotels of our own brands halbersbacher. privathotels and our modern upcycling concept twiceHotels as well as the franchise brands Dorint Hotels & Resorts and Best Western. What connects us is the independence and quality of our individual and lovingly furnished hotels, which benefit from the advantages of a joint management and a network of hotel-experienced colleagues.


Two basic virtues, which at first glance appear to be opposites, are the foundation of our daily work. Every employee can contribute with their individual skills and character traits, ideas and creativity are welcome. He can be sure of the support of the community, because: Together it is easier to overcome hurdles and celebrate success more extensively. Independence of gender, religion and origin is just as natural for us as respect for human rights.

The human being at the center of our actions is the most important asset at halberdsbacher. Whether employees or guests, we want to treat everyone warmly and with respect. Creating a workplace for employees where they can feel comfortable and develop, offering guests a place where they feel at home and are happy to return again and again. We are firmly convinced that this is the only way to lay a solid and permanently stable foundation for an economic and ecological basis.

Sustainability at halbersbacher

Sustainable action and management are an essential part of our everyday life. In order to discover dormant potential, we have been working with GreenSign since 2022 and have our hotels checked independently. The goal is GreenSign certification for all hotels in Germany by the end of 2023. Just as individually as our hotels, we constantly look at the current status and jointly develop tailor-made strategies for the next steps. We give all employees the opportunity to get involved and actively contribute to changes.

The core goals of our sustainability journey at a glance:

  • Reduce water and energy consumption
  • Avoiding single-use plastic as far as possible with the goal of completely avoiding it
  • Avoiding food waste
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Conversion of our purchasing processes to our minimum sustainability requirements

In order to achieve these goals, individual catalogs of measures were drawn up and continuously developed in the individual hotels. In this way, we enable responsible and sustainable travel in the long term - for the benefit of our guests, employees and the environment.

You are welcome to share your ideas and suggestions on the subject of sustainability with us.
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